Moments of Clarity

The first few days after a vacation are often filled with a sense of peace and clarity about things. I’m guessing this happens to everyone, right? Depending on the length of the trip, you may have had time to fall into a new, more relaxed routine. You haven’t had to go to work, so when you return to the office, you either have a renewed sense of focus about your work – or the blinders are off about all the things you hate. Maybe you’ve had a lot of good food, or maybe you drank too much, but either way, you’re committed to new(ly) good habits.

When I came home from visiting Oday in France, I relished the few days before my body acclimated to the proper time zone.  I got up early and enjoyed my coffee outside before work.  After Spain, I just walked and walked and walked and walked.    Most of my trips in the last two years have been for work or family events, so I feel like this is the first big reset in a while.

Today I’m finding it a little easier to unsubscribe from those listservs and RSS feeds that I’m just not interested in reading anymore.  I have a little more willpower about the candy dish on the other side of the office, though I did just grab a couple of Tootsie Rolls to help with the afternoon dra-a-a-a-g.  I feel less frustrated and more serene about my work situation, though I also feel like I need to have more interaction with people.  I’m enjoying reading more than I have in a while.  The weather is exquisite, though I was absolutely blinded by the sun this morning.  I’m sure in a few days this will turn into a post-vacation funk, but for now, things are good.


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