0910 Back in the Mitten

We’re home. We’re tired. San Francisco has spoiled coffee, sandwiches, and cheap ice cream for us – possibly forever. While we didn’t eat everything on our map, we made a decent effort, and once I wrap my head and body around the right time zone, I’ll tell you all about it.

Dinner tonight was Plum Market take-out: nothing fancy, but real food that didn’t require coming home and preparing the groceries we bought on the same trip.  I had a slice with a whole bunch of veggies, and Shane had mac & cheese and some sort of roasted sausage and veg dish.  Tomorrow we’ll be back to cooking, but after a half day and an overnight of travel, eating something that didn’t come in a fast food bag was triumph enough.  And I’m so tired that I just typed “fast foot bag”.


0 thoughts on “0910 Back in the Mitten

  1. Excellent map! Did you end up going to The Monk’s Kettle? I hadn’t heard of it before my trip but then happened to walk by it right around dinner time and was intrigued, so ended up eating there that day. So many beers to choose from! For years I didn’t like beer at all, and it’s only relatively recently that I’ve started figuring out that there *are* some beers I like. So far I know I usually can’t go wrong with a stout; at The Monk’s Kettle I branched out and tried a porter and enjoyed it.


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