Things I’m Super Into At the Moment

A brief list in a few moments of stolen Internet:

  1. The crazy serious SF coffee scene, including but not limited to the beautiful equipment and perfect coffee at Blue Bottle and Four Barrel.
  2. So much walking.  I love it but am not walking anywhere for a few days when we get home.  Including to the end of the driveway.
  3. Lemon cookie ice cream from Three Twins.
  4. Very nearly swooning from joy at Ferry Plaza Saturday morning.
  5. Lots of unlimited quality time with my husband.
  6. Sweet corn in pasta and frittatas and with lots of other summer veg over creamy grits.
  7. Finding hella cheap housing through Airbnb.  Seriously, $40/night in Noe Valley?  Yes please.
  8. Stripes, apparently.  Today I wore a black/white striped tank top under a grey/white striped top with black/grey striped knee socks.
  9. It’s knee sock weather out here, u guys.  It’s also blustery, and I’m Not Into That.
  10. Whirlwind tours of awesome things courtesy of Kiya and Demitra.

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