12 Books Sign-up Round-up

The interest in this challenge has proved wildly greater than anything I expected!  So far we have 181 unique titles and 164 unique authors on our reading list.  David Foster Wallace is the most popular author, with 4 titles to be read, and Infinite Jest is the most popular title, with 3 committed readers.  We have 30 odd participants based on responses to my post(s) and to the posts of my respondents.  This challenge seems to have gone all meme-like, though, so if you’ve come from further afield, or if I missed you, please feel free to  leave a comment or email me to get added to the first round-up!

Reviews will be posted all over the place, as was suggested in the original challenge.  At the end of each month, I’ll work my way through the Internet to round them up, and will post highlights and links here.  I’ve added links to participants’ blogs or websites in the sidebar over here ————————————–> so please feel free to pay your co-participants a visit!  You can also click through to view their publicly posted lists here:
Amber, Eric, Grace, Heidi, J Harker, Jackie, Jenny, Jill, Leah, Linda, Mark, Meghan, Mike, Shane (in comments), Stacey, The Girl Works
I’m still looking for lists from: Amy, Dan, Eva, Jenn, Karin, Kasia, Lanea, Mary, Nanette, Rebekah, Stephanie

Happy reading, and I’ll check in with you in about a month!

I know, I know – I’m jumping the gun a little, I’m in the Eastern time zone, and it’s barely even lunchtime here, but I’m leaving in half an hour to drive across the state and then fly across the country, so cut me some slack, will ya?  I’ll return the favor when it’s September 6, 2011, and you’re still posting your final reviews.  🙂


0 thoughts on “12 Books Sign-up Round-up

  1. Hi E,
    I hope you don’t mind that I posted my books on Facebook and invited friends to join in. I certainly don’t expect you to be responsible for rounding up their reviews! I just thought they might be interested in the general concept.
    And of course, have a great honeymoon!


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