0831 Macaroni and Peas

Photo by The She-Creature
This photo reasonably approximates the state of our fridge right now, except with no eggs or cream cheese and a lot more beer and condiments, plus bags of carrots and onions from the garden tucked away in the crisper. No leftovers, save a half cup of cooked wheat berries. Replace that yogurt drink with the yogurt portioned out for breakfast and lunch.  And imagine me sticking my head in the fridge, looking for something – anything – for dinner.

We ended up with what I think of as a typical babysitting meal – you know, the sort of thing that parents can trust the neighborhood 14 year old to prepare – macaroni and cheese from a box topped with peas from the freezer.  Not even real cheese – the powder stuff from a packet, barely enriched with 1/4 cup skim milk.  We would’ve added butter, but we’re out of that.  We dug around for other enriching options, which is how we discovered that the cream cheese needed to go.  Despite this disparaging description, it was a perfectly fine meal, especially with the last two episodes of Sherlock Holmes for dessert.


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