0827 Three Kinds of Ice Cream

So last night I was reminded of one thing I really, really hate about the Midwest: the late summer/early fall allergies.  Last night’s allergy attack was the worst I can recall having since high school, when there were mornings where I woke up and had to stumble blindly to the bathroom for a warm washcloth in order to unstick my stuck-shut eyes.  Last night’s plague took the form of sneezing instead of itchy eyes, and resulted in me waking about every 30 minutes to sneeze and blow my nose and change positions.  It was warmish, but I slept with the heating pad on because it was comforting.

You can imagine, then, that I wasn’t particularly with it today at work.  I packed a lunch, and supplemented it with leftover vanilla ice cream from yesterday’s party.  And then a little bit of chocolate ice cream in my coffee mug later.  I was supposed to go to happy hour with a bunch of library people, but I couldn’t face (har) the pollen and sinus pressure, so I came home, had leftover snacks and some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and tried to breathe deeply.  Thank goodness for antihistamines, you guys.


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