Mid-year Resolution Check In

Actually a little past mid-year, but who’s counting? Besides, I usually give myself until my birthday to finish up the previous year’s list.

1. Focus on my relationships and be a more patient and loving partner and friend. Also cat parent to Basil, who is adorable but drives me freakin’ nuts.

Working on it, but then this will be a work in progress for the rest of my life.  I feel – if I haven’t mentioned it before – like the biggest change I’ve noticed since getting engaged/married is an increased focus on just this issue.  Like it’s more worth the work, and less like ‘work’, you know?  So that’s pretty awesome.

2. Get married. This should be action item #1, but item #1 on this list is actually much more important.

Done and done, and I still haven’t posted about it.  Wedding photos are up, though, and I can give you a guest pass if you’re not on Flickr.

3. Save aggressively for a house and for overall financial stability.

We’re working on it! Wedding gifts helped us pay for new tires rather than having to gouge our savings, and we’re plugging away each month with the intention of buying next summer.

4. Go camping and generally explore our new state.

No camping yet, but we have been to Muskegon and Detroit a couple of times, plus stops through Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Marshall (all cities/towns that coincidentally house great breweries).

5. Get over my fear of DPNs and knit the kittyville hat.

I’m feeling more competent with DPNs, but have yet to make the hat. Lots of other hats, though.

6. Write two more issues of my zine.

Thought about it but haven’t done anything in that direction in a while.

7. Run 500 miles. This works out to roughly 9.5 miles per week.

My fitness tracker on SparkPeople says I’ve gone 416.7 miles, but a fair chunk of that has been walking. I’d hoped to be able to use data from Nike+ or RunKeeper, but both have been unreliable. Either way, I’m back to running 2-3x per week regularly after recovering from a knee injury in May, so that’s a good thing.

8. Learn CSS. I mean really learn it.

Launching the new site helped considerably towards this end. I still have a lot to learn, but am a great deal more competent than 6 months ago.

9. Read 30 books. This works out to 2.5 books per month.

14 books so far, including books of craft and cookery. Totally counts if you read them cover-to-cover, as I did.

10. Kitchen Diaries project.

A big success, though it has resulted in a few people complaining that our blog is all food, all the time. I’m glad this is a one-year project, though. As much as I’ve enjoyed it, I look forward to the days of being able to eat a lousy dinner and not having to figure out how to get a good blog post out of it.


0 thoughts on “Mid-year Resolution Check In

  1. I struggle with being a good cat parent to Lavender all the time.
    When K. and I first started dating, he said “watch out. Don’t give her attention or she’ll never leave you alone.” And I thought “Hah, hah, silly man. I love cats. Besides, cats like to be moody and aloof. How bad can it be?”
    7 years later, I’ve got to say it can be pretty bad. Especially being home with her. She’s much more needy for attention than Thor. And if I’m not paying enough attention, I will get repeated licking on any available body surface. (shudder)


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