0814 22 Pints of Tomatoes

What can I say?  I spent my morning setting up the kitchen – including the all-important wind tunnel formed by the stand fan in the living room and the air exchange fan in the kitchen window – then the afternoon washing jars, boiling water, peeling tomatoes, boiling jars, wiping jars, coring tomatoes, changing ice water, burning myself on the tea kettle, lifting hot jars, adjusting sealing rings, and sneaking out for ice cream.  If I don’t cook anything for a day or two, I think I’ll have earned the break.

And in case you’re wondering, 22 pints of tomatoes equals roughly 18 pounds, half of which came from our garden.  There would’ve been more jars, but our Romas have been affected by blossom end rot, so I had to toss a pound or more that turned out to be nasty on the inside.  I don’t remember how many pints I canned last year, but I think this might be enough to get us almost all the way to next July.  At least I hope so.


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