0811 Bacon Sandwiches? Yes, Please!

When we lived in Champaign,  Shane used to love to get a BLRP sandwich from Persimmon and take it, wrapped in white butcher paper, over to the Blind Pig, where he would get a good beer and sit outside enjoying what could only be a described as a fantastic lunch.  Persimmon, the grocery sibling of Bacaro, opened and closed in under two years, and we never found a suitable replacement for it or its sandwiches.

Tonight, though, we managed to put together sandwiches worth of Shane’s nostalgia for those Persimmon/Blind Pig lunches.

Sandwich med auberginecreme, rød peber og bacon
Photo by cyclonebill

No freezer excuse needed for this dinner.  Just bacon, delicious thick-cut bacon.  Oh, and a beautiful orange blossom tomato from the garden, sliced thin. A red pepper from the market, quickly roasted in the toaster oven. Toasted slices of ciabatta and good mayonnaise.  So good.


0 thoughts on “0811 Bacon Sandwiches? Yes, Please!

  1. this reminds me of a promise i made months ago: a BLT with the latter two coming from the garden. going to make good on that promise tomorrow


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