Shane and I met Piotr and Jess – in town from New York – for lunch at Afternoon Delight, a diner-y place that we’d been by a number of times but never tried.  They’re only open for breakfast and lunch, and their lunch menu is primarily made up of GIANT SANDWICHES, though this isn’t readily apparent from the menu itself.


1 Mar 2007: giant sandwich
photo by angel

OK, my sandwich wasn’t quite this big.  It was pretty damned big, though – big enough that I didn’t even try to finish it.  I had the pita club – turkey, cheddar, tomato, bacon, and sprouts wrapped up in lavash – and Shane had a sandwich involving “krab” and turkey with béarnaise and guacamole on the side.  Both were totally enjoyable, if – as I mentioned – large.  I noticed after the fact that half sandwiches are available, so I’ll probably opt for that next time.

Because I’m sure there’ll be a next time.  Afternoon Delight is centrally located, and service is cafeteria-style, so you can get in and out pretty quickly.  All sandwiches come with a side dish – literally a little dish that you can then fill up with coleslaw, potato salad, cottage cheese, mandarin oranges, or whatever other salad bar items look appealing.  Jess found a bug in her GIANT SALAD, but it seemed like the sort of bug that might’ve been hidden in the greens, not a bug that joined the salad party in the kitchen.  I’ve heard that the brownies at Afternoon Delight are the best in town, though we were both too full to consider trying one.  Again: next time.


0 thoughts on “0802 GIANT SANDWICH

  1. This is a very good use of that photo! Glad you found it. That lunch place sounds great. If I’m ever in Michigan I will give it a go.



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