0730 Hustin’ to the Roadhouse

I was at happy hour at Dominick’s when I got the message from Jenny – she and Richard were thinking about stopping at  Zingerman’s Roadhouse also en route to Detroit for the Maker Faire.  Was I interested in joining them?  Answer:  Yes please!  The only hitch? I was on campus – nearly 3 miles away – with no vehicle.  Fortunately the 30-45 minute wait gave me just enough time to hustle across town.

While I know I should’ve tried one of the many amazing meat offerings on my first trip to the Roadhouse, I regrettably wasn’t that hungry.  The three of us split a basket of sweet potato fries with a delicious spicy mayo, and I enjoyed a bowl of mussels steamed with white wine and shallots.  I envied Richard’s fried chicken and Jenny’s fancied up mac & cheese, and was thankful that we live just down the street and so can try these and other Roadhouse options at our leisure.  I also look forward to trying more of their cocktails, as my Corpse Reviver No. 2 combined several of my favorite drinkity things: gin, Lillet Blanc, and Absente.  What any of those things have to do with corpses, I’m not sure, but I certainly enjoyed it.

In addition to a great meal, it was fun to catch up with friends that I see quite rarely – and to learn about Henry Ford’s hatred of cows.  I had no idea!  A casual Google search turned up this book, which includes the tantalizing quote:

“In 1919 [Ford] advocated the elimination of horses, cows, and pigs.  ‘The world would be better off without meat,’ he said. ‘It’s 75 percent ashes anyway.  Milk can be manufactured chemically.  Every animal used on the farm these days is a waste of time.'”

He goes on to refer to cows as “the crudest machine on the world” and horses as a “twelve hundred-pound ‘hay motor'”. Thank you, Henry Ford, for the car and for allowing your ridiculous statements to be captured by the press so that they could amuse me 90 years later.  And thank you, Jenny and Richard, for inviting me to dinner!


0 thoughts on “0730 Hustin’ to the Roadhouse

  1. I am thinking, more and more, that our mutual cirle of friends would get along swimingly – it`s a shame we`re so far away!

    Absente is the one drink I am (half-jokingly) banned from. I haven`t had a tipple in a few years and it may soon be time to tempt fate again but it has a less-than-charming effect on my tongue (it brings a tinge of my inner-ugly out).

    Do love the sound of this roadhouse though – absente and all 🙂


  2. Awww, I could have spared you a wing! The fried chicken was quite good, I’d highly recommend it. It had a nice spicy bite to the seasonings (the way I like it). The grits with cheese were also stupendous.

    We were listening to this audiobook on the way over, thus the fascination with HF & cows. It repeatedly reminds us how much Ford hated cows and cows milk. He invested heavily in soy production (including several course meals made with nothing but soy).

    Fordlandia (http://www.worldcat.org/title/fordlandia-the-rise-and-fall-of-henry-fords-forgotten-jungle-city/oclc/276930372)


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