0715 Burgers and Corn Snack

Since we got our 89.5# of pork two months ago, we haven’t really spent much money on meat.  This is a good thing, as it’ll help the grocery budget normalize over the year or so that we’ll work on the pig, but also means that we aren’t eating much meat OTHER THAN pork.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but sometimes a little variety is nice, you know?

I found myself with a few extra bucks on my way out of the market on Saturday, and so came home with a pound or so of ground bison after a nice conversation with a farmer who couldn’t! believe! that we hadn’t had any of his meat yet.  “I’ve been here 16 years!  I can’t believe you haven’t tried our meat!” “Yeah, but I’ve only been here 8 months!”

Tonight’s dinner was one of those classic Midwest summer meals – burgers and corn on the cob – the sort of thing served at cookouts all summer long.  Nothing fancy, just simple patties grilled on the grill pan, then served on asiago rolls with a slew of condiments available for your dressing-up pleasure.  There are many fancy ways of preparing a good ear of corn, but for me, nothing beats salt, pepper, and a good slathering of butter.  Sometimes simplicity is the best, you know?


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