0627 Simple Garden Lunch

First (real) harvest!

Our garden has started to yield all kinds of lovely things – smallish beets and kale thinnings, a couple of potatoes, and lots of French breakfast radishes – and yesterday I spotted the first couple of tomatoes ripening on the vine.  Somewhere I wrote down everything that we’re growing, but I keep planting more things each time I’m there, so I’m not sure how reliable those notes are anyway.  That’s not the point, though – the point is that we are growing food! In our garden!

I had a simple and really lovely lunch today – a small yellow 2nds tomato from the market and a few spicy radishes from our garden, all sliced thin and drizzled with a feta dressing and a sprinkle of sea salt.  A couple of slices of toast.  The last of the cold brew coffee.  And then I read my book and took a nap, and it was good.


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