0625 Dinner at Corner Brewery

Lacking dinner plans, we again found ourselves going out tonight – this time to Corner Brewery, in Ypsilanti.  Located near the Depot Town area of Ypsi, Corner is a fair drive for us, but on a beautiful night like tonight, it’s well worth it for the patio and the beer.

photo by ericarhiannon

Corner is the sibling brewery of Arbor Brewing Company, which we’ve been to a fair number of times. I don’t know what it is about ABC, but we just haven’t found much to love about it. I like their food, but they charge exceptional prices for only adequate beer, thus providing a strong disincentive for choosing ABC over, say, Jolly Pumpkin.  Corner, however, seems to charge pretty decent prices for pretty decent beer, which is good enough for me.  Shane has said a couple of times that he’d consider joining their mug club if we lived in Ypsi (which might happen next year depending on the housing market).

Mug club
photo by phil dokas

I was starving, so I had a portabella mushroom sandwich with a nicely savory tapenade and with quite well seasoned grilled vegetables on the side.  It’s not that I don’t love chips, but if grilled squash is an option, I’ll take that 9 times out of 10.  Shane was less hungry, so he snacked on chips and guacamole along with his Arborealis.  I ordered a Strawberry Blonde, but am pretty sure I got the Brasserie Blonde – nice and malty, but lacking the strawberry sweetness.  A nice night for sitting outside, and a nice dinner to go along with it.


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