0615 A Serious Squash Salad

Shane stayed late at work tonight, so he missed out on the glory that was this salad:

OMG Squash

What is it? Two small zucchinis and two small summer squashes, sliced lengthwise and grilled. A chiffonade of mint and basil from the garden. Soft goat cheese and toasted pine nuts.  And I ate it ALL. Every last bite. And here is a funny Photobooth picture to prove it:

Squash makes me happy

The recipe called for boiling the squash, then tossing all ingredients with a light vinaigrette.  I prefer the squash grilled, and there was enough moisture and flavor from the grilling that I didn’t think the dressing was necessary.  Maybe next time I’ll use the dressing – and will share the salad with Shane.

Squash Ribbon Salad with Goat Cheese and Toasted Pine Nuts from Ezra Pound Cake


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