0609 ¡!Eve¡!

Tonight was a rare treat – a dinner out! with friends! on someone else’s dime!  Suz and Molly took me to Eve for an official dinner-type function, and we ate like, well, like some kind of A2 royalty.  I’m a little too tired to figure out what kind of royalty exactly – I suppose the sort that likes fresh and local cocktails, good bread, and appropriately extravagant entrees.

This was my first time at Eve, despite hearing only good things from friends and having our curiosity piqued by the titular Eve’s appearance on Top Chef last year.  It’s a lovely space – quiet and intimate with a lot of natural light – and the cuisine draws on North African influences.  I had the Moroccan scallops, which were dusted with a spice blend, seared, and served atop coconut rice, with seasonal grilled vegetables and some sort of creme fraiche.  They were delicious –  really a great flavor profile and texture, especially in combination with the sweet veggies, the aromatic rice, and the tart-creamy creme fraiche.  I also had a ¡LA FRESCA! cocktail – raspberries, mint, and maybe basil muddled with a vanilla-y syrup and maybe gin?  Couldn’t really tell – it was just refreshing and delicious.  Also a good excuse to remember how to make the upside-down exclamation point. Truly a wonderful dinner with great company, though quite out of our price range even for special occasions.


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