0608 Convenience Food

This was one of those nights when I felt totally grateful for convenience food.  As much as I value knowing where my food comes from and preparing it myself – there are also nights where I really just need to get dinner on the table and want to avoid the expense of grocery store take-out or the discomfort of fast food.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I was swamped with work stuff, and Shane had friends arriving by way of Detroit, meaning that one of us had to jump in the car to run to the airport around 6:30, while the other of us had to glue herself to her laptop for the rest of the night.   Thank the lord for Trader Joe’s!  We heated up chicken and veggie burgers in the toaster oven, and I made a big (local) salad while Shane thawed some frozen vegetables in the microwave.  Dinner was quick, healthy, and satisfying, and that’s good enough for a night like this.


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