0603 Solo Eats

Shane left for DC tonight, so I’ll be dining solo for a few days.  This will mean one of two things: I will either go out for meals by myself, taking my book as company, or I’ll eat incredibly weird things at home.

I like to think the latter tendency is a brown-eyed trait – my dad has always been good at making weird piles of leftovers or using up the last of a couple of boxes of cereal when left to his own devices.  When I cobble together meals like this, as I often do when Shane is away, I feel like I’m both a kitchen martyr, taking one for the team so that food doesn’t go to waste, and also a super homemaker, making a meal out of things that would otherwise likely be thrown away.

Tonight I fell somewhere in between.  I grabbed a bite of take-out on the way home from the Flint airport – not enough for a full meal, but enough to tide me over – and then had a snacky dinner of a biscuit and blanched asparagus, followed by a few strawberries and part of a banana.  While making granola later, I snacked on pecans and dried cranberries.  In total, I think I had a real meal, but it was spread out into bits and pieces over the course of a couple of hours.  We’ll see if my meals get better or worse from here.


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