0531 Favorite Early Summer Meal

Sunday breakfast on the porch

It was stormy and we were exhausted when we got home from Cleveland this afternoon, so the rest of the day was kind of a blur.  We ate whatever sounded appetizing whenever we got hungry, so my dinner was the first of the summer’s many juicy and sweet tomato sandwiches.

This photo – an alfresco breakfast at our Champaign apartment – captures the essential elements of this favorite summer meal.  It’s pretty simple, really: good bread sliced into toast, a bit of cheese, and slices of sun-warmed tomato sprinkled with Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.  Tonight’s tomato was red rather than yellow – one of Saturday’s 2nds – and the rest of the sandwich was a bit of cream cheese spread on toasted slices of Zingerman’s brewhouse bread.   Happy sandwich, happy E.


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