0516 Sausages and polenta again

With any good party comes the not-so-good day after – you know, waking up late, drinking coffee slowly, maybe eating a bit of greasy breakfast to counteract the previous night’s excess.  We had a little of that this morning – but we also had the most beautiful Sunday we’ve seen in a while, so felt like we couldn’t possibly stay inside all day.  So, after a morning of chores and Shane working on the ‘ped, we headed out to Pinckney for a hike.

After 5 miles of rolling hills, lots of trees, and minimal wildlife, we were both hungry and impatient – no time to make the batter for the galettes we’d intended to eat.  Instead, dinner was a re-run of Friday’s sausages and polenta, with a couple of handfuls of spinach added to the sauce to bulk it out since we had fewer sausages on hand than expected.  It was a warm and satisfying end to a happy but tiring weekend.

Even better, though, was tuning in to learn of the birth of Octavia, Jason and Sonya’s daughter, who arrived this evening.  We are beyond happy for the Wadsgreens, and can’t wait to meet her!


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