0514 Sausages and Polenta

A deceptively simple dinner on a really beautiful night: homemade tomato sauce, a couple of pork sausages, and polenta.  Kind of a riff on what we’d intended to make, except lighter, faster, and more familiar in flavor.  The lovely thing about meals like this is that you can do it all up from scratch – or you can short-cut just about everything to get dinner on the table.

Since it was a Friday night and I was home earlier than Shane, and since I felt like being all domesticky, I went the scratch route: a simple tomato sauce made from tomatoes I canned last summer, thickened with a couple of tablespoons of concentrated tomato paste.  Sausages sauteed until golden, then kept warm in the tomato sauce while I made the polenta.  Low wide bowls of yellow-gold.  So good.


5 thoughts on “0514 Sausages and Polenta

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  3. […] for the galettes we’d intended to eat.  Instead, dinner was a re-run of Friday’s sausages and polenta, with a couple of handfuls of spinach added to the sauce to bulk it out since we had fewer sausages […]


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