0429 Chicken Tacos

Carrie Anne posted earlier in the week asking for strategies for getting meals on the table – one of mine was the roast chicken used in multiple meals throughout the week.  And look!  I practice what I preach!

Tonight’s dinner used the last of Monday night’s chicken – or what would’ve been the last, had there not been leftovers tonight as well.  It also did a pretty good job of cleaning out the crisper, which is always a plus.  I sauteed an onion, a bell pepper, and an Anaheim chili in some olive oil until the kitchen was spicy enough that I was getting choked up – then added the chicken and some cumin and coriander.  We spooned this mixture into warmed tortillas and topped it with a handful of greens and some goat cheese, which reduced a bit of the heat.  We were both still sweating by the end of dinner, though.


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