0423 Food Kryptonite

pizza & beer, pt. 1, originally uploaded by "Cowboy" Ben Alman.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much powerless when certain foods are around. I can’t help myself. The best I can do is set a limit and stick to it, but there’s not a chance of avoiding the food altogether.

Pizza is one of those foods. Ice cream is another. There are very good reasons that we don’t usually keep either food in the house – but there’s not much you can do about the food that comes into the office.

Today my office had a party for our graduating student workers, which meant that two dozen pizzas and four dozen cupcakes spent the afternoon on the OTHER SIDE OF MY CUBICLE WALL. Cruel and unusual treatment, I tell you! I had two slices of vegetarian pizza and one cupcake – more than I had planned to eat, but definitely not as much as I wanted to eat. It was all tasty in a greasy, free kind of way – the pizza was laden with things I like, and the cupcake was Hostess-esque – full of flavor and regret. I hadn’t planned on walking home from work, but after all of that, it seemed like the only responsible choice.


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