0418 Pizza at Dark Horse

Dark Horse Brewery, originally uploaded by Ben B Miller.

Our first morning as man and wife started with breakfast in bed: bacon, coffee, and Law and Order – a new episode, even! If this is what married life is like, I’m awfully glad we’re giving it a try. Also please let the record show that our first dance as husband and wife took place at Dark Horse when Mike played This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) on the jukebox.

While we’re on the subject of Dark Horse, let me just say that the portabella pizza? Top notch. It took awhile to arrive on our table, but when it did, we dug in with gusto. Thin crispy crust, delicious cheese, and savory mushrooms and pesto – all good stuff. On a strictly aesthetic note, we also appreciated that the pizza was cut into squares – better for sharing and for pacing yourself while also enjoying a Double Crooked Tree or two. Not that any of us did that, of course. Nooo.


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