0416 Sandwiches at Founders

After kicking around town with Mike this afternoon, we headed off to Muskegon, where we’ll be getting married on Saturday.  Coincidentally – or perhaps just fortunately – Founders Brewing Company was right on our way, so we stopped for a sandwiches and a couple of great beers. We stopped at Founders after scouting wedding locations in Muskegon, but we’d just had a huge lunch at Mia + Grace and so weren’t able to try any of the awesome deli menu.

Not the case this time!  I had the Stella Bleu, which was delicious and packed full of things Shane doesn’t like (tomatoes, black olives, blue cheese), and a Backwoods Bastard, full of bourbon-y goodness.  Shane enjoyed a killer cheesesteak – the first legit cheesesteak I’ve ever tried,  a Founders Porter, and a Centennial.  Mike had MEAT, which is really all I have to say.  I think it was a turkey reuben?  (Should one capitalize reuben? Reuben? Not sure.)  Good stuff, and good fuel for the remaining hour’s drive to Muskegon.  On our way out, Shane commented that he’d like to visit to Grand Rapids more often – with sandwiches like these, I can see why!


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