0323 Happy Hour at The Earle

I’m not sure what to make of happy hour here in A2.  In DC, there was a solid happy hour culture.  There are a variety of theories as to why happy hours are so popular – the most solid that I’ve heard being that the local ‘industry’ thrives on workaholics, so happy hour makes it possible to work a full day, grab a few drinks, and still get more work in after hitting the bar.  In A2, though, happy hour seems to get packed earlier while lacking the deals (and draft list) that drew us out to Birreria, for example.

We’d been told that The Earle offered one of the best happy hour deals in town – $2.75 mussels until 6:30! – so we headed there after work to have drinks and a light dinner with Shana and Eric.  I’m not a huge mussels fan, but I enjoyed the bowl that we shared, as well as the savory mushrooms stuffed with spinach, garlic, pine nuts, and parmesan.  Even better was the Salt and Pepper Hendrick’s Martini – smooth cucumber gin, vermouth, and a salt-and-peppery slice of cucumber on the rim – which made me even more anxious for warm weather.  While neither our waistbands nor our wallet will allow regular visits, we both enjoyed the food, drink, and company, and hope to visit The Earle again soon!


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