0312 Breakfast update

While I’ve been in a bit of a delicious oatmeal rut the last few days, I have persevered in trying some of your breakfast suggestions.  Since we last checked in, I have had:

  • Toasted flatbread with half an avocado – not local, but definitely delicious and full of healthy fats.
  • Scrambled eggs and flatbread toast, courtesy of a morning when Shane was up earlyish and I slept in.  Really good, since I go to work sometimes an hour or more before he leaves, it’s unlikely we’ll get to do this often.

For the last week and change, though, I’ve been hooked on regular ol’ oats.  I’ve been soaking a half cup of rolled oats in 3/4 cup of milk overnight – we bought a carton of whole milk last weekend for ice cream, and I’ve been using the extra to make my breakfast a little bit richer – and then microwaving it for about 2 minutes in the morning while the cats run around like nutters and I put their food together.  Depending on what’s available, I usually stir in a generous teaspoon of brown sugar and some dried cranberries, though this morning I added the last of a jar of apple butter, which made it deliciously cinnamon-y.  I’m almost out of oats, though, so I might have to get creative next week if I don’t remember to pick some up at the store this weekend…


0 thoughts on “0312 Breakfast update

  1. Normally I’m pretty sick of a box of cereal by the time I finish it, but I have been on a huge Grape Nuts kick lately. It’s so filling and crunchy and satisfying with cold milk, and it’s so comforting heated up for a minute or so (with brown sugar and occasionally a little non-butter butter). It’s also nice to have around to throw a handful into yogurt.


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