0311 Gingered Shrimp and Soba

0311 Gingered Shrimp and Soba

When last we encountered soba, it was in the context of a wild goose chase that took us to five separate grocery stores.  In hopes of avoiding said goose chase, we bought a couple of packets, the last of which has lingered in our pantry until tonight.  I gave yet another Moosewood recipe a try, and the results were consistent with the last few – i.e. filling, bland, and somewhat unremarkable.  We sat down to eat with an array of hot sauces between us, and Shane asked why we kept trying Moosewood recipes if they’re always bland.


This recipe was – fine.  It required more pans (total: 3) than were really necessary, and produced far less sauce than is needed to coat the quantity of soba used.  We both ladled on the hot sauce to compensate for the lack of spice.  If I were to make it again, I’d reduce the soba to 6 0z and add more broccoli.  I would also add more garlic and a chili or two in the saute step.  It was a satisfying meal, but only with some doctoring.  I liked it in concept, but not in execution.  Etc.

Gingered Shrimp and Soba
from Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites


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