0227 Blueberry Pancakes

Breakfast is tough on weekdays, but it can be just as tough on the weekends for one very simple reason: I’m an early riser – or at least an earlier riser than Shane.  And I’m also almost always hungry when I wake up.  So – do I make breakfast? Do I wait to see what Shane wants to do? Do I make coffee and hope that wakes him up so that we can talk about what we’re doing?  This often ends with a hungry and grumpy E Needing. Breakfast. Right. Now.

Today, though, Shane woke up with a taste for pancakes, so I dug out a recipe that arrived with our friend Erin Fae last summer.  We used to be a dedicated Bisquick family (I know, I know), but this recipe changed that all around.

First of all, I love that the recipe doesn’t assume you have buttermilk just, you know, lying around.  Because you know what, I don’t.  What I do have are baking staples, which along with milk, butter, eggs, and lemon juice or vinegar round out the entire recipe.  Add blueberries if you feel like it.  These pancakes are thin but have a perfect texture and lend themselves nicely to being slathered with butter and maple syrup.  Serve with coffee and Weekend Edition, and your weekend’s off on the right track.

Not My Friend’s Mother’s Blueberry Pancakes from Single Guy Chef
Pancake 101 from Smitten Kitchen (for the pancake-phobes)


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