0222 Chicken Soup for a Snowy Day

This morning started with just about the best mood one can ask for on a Monday. I was happy, I had a delicious bagel for breakfast, and I was out the door on time. And then I took a hard fall on my ass on the icy driveway, and spent the rest of the morning lying prone on the couch with Hello Kitty ice packs in my underpants.

All of this is to say that it’s a good thing we hadn’t planned anything elaborate for dinner.  In fact, it was just about as simple as it could be.  During one of my trips out of bed in search of ibuprofen, I put last night’s chicken in the stock pot with a bunch of water and let it simmer away for the rest of the afternoon, warming up the house and making everything fragrant.  When we got hungry later in the evening, I sauteed some carrots, garlic, and onion along with leftover chicken and some corn from the freezer, then added broth and Israeli couscous.  The soup could’ve used  more flavor, but it was warm and comforting, and that’s just what we needed on a day when the snow would not end.


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