0221 Chicken in Milk

We were both pretty suspicious of this recipe, but when The Kitchn mentioned it in a round-up of roast chicken recipes, I figured it was worth a try, especially since we had all of the ingredients on hand.

This is a weird recipe.  I have to say it.  It’s just weird.  I mean, a good part of the joy of roasting a chicken is the crispy and flavorful skin, not to mention the gorgeous rendered fat for gravy or roasting veg.  None of those things made an appearance in this recipe.  Instead, the chicken is briefly browned on all sides, then roasted in a bath of milk, lemon zest, garlic, and sage leaves.  This process yields an impossibly moist and tender chicken – in a fragrant but weirdly lumpy sauce.  And let me tell you, ‘weirdly lumpy’ is not a characteristic I like in my meals.

Frankly, with all the good roast chickens out there, I see no reason to make this one again.  Weirdly lumpy indeed!

Oh yes, and I should mentioned that we braised more brussels sprouts, devoured them, and had to rochambeau for the leftovers.  I won!

Chicken in Milk from Happy Days with the Naked Chef


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