0205 Ode to a Curry Bagel

Zingerman’s bagels came up in conversation the other weekend, with strong opinions being expressed both for and against.  Personally, I’m bagel agnostic.  There are times for the large pillowy “sandwich” bagel made popular by chains like Bruegger’s or Panera.  There are times for the traditional New York-style bagel.  Occasionally I will even enjoy a squagel.  I’m not one that can generally be drawn into the defense of one style over another, unless we’re talking about Bagels Forever, who have my undying affection, or Rockford’s Bagel Place, home of my beloved seedy sticks.

That said, I’m a fan of Zing bagels, especially when they are free, so my curiosity was piqued when someone mentioned that curry bagels were once on the menu.  In perusing the menu yesterday, I noticed that the curry bagels are BACK as a special bake, so we made a point to pick a couple up last night.  Shane was suspicious of the intense yellow and the raisins, and comments from the internet ranged from curiosity to disgust.  I, however, was delighted.  We had the bagels for breakfast this morning with a bit of cream cheese, and they proved to be both sweet and savory, with a bit of spice from the garam masala.  They’re only available through March, though, so some stocking up may be in order.

Curry bagel!


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