0203 Barley Stew with Leeks, Mushrooms, and Greens

While we haven’t had anything quite like the snowpocalypses that our friends back in DC have experienced this winter, that doesn’t mean the cold isn’t wearing on us. I’ve basically decided it isn’t worth doing my hair until hat season is over, and can frequently be found under several layers of blankets and several layers of clothes complaining about how cold I am. Shane seems to be handling it a bit better – when the temps popped above freezing today, he commented that it would’ve been a good night to work on the moped.

This recipe, then, was just the thing for a cold night.  After about an hour of prep, simmering, and amazing smells, I ladled out big bowls of soft grains and cold weather veg – leeks, mushrooms, and kale, plus tomatoes canned last summer.  We both added salt at the table, which I think is probably the most appropriate point in this recipe – any earlier, and you’d risk over-salting in order to make the flavor pop.  The stew was warm and hearty, full of pleasing textures and varying veg flavors.   We made a full batch – about 6 generous servings at about 240 calories each – so a winner for calories, nutrition and enjoyment.

Barley Stew with Leeks, Mushrooms, and Greens from Bon Appetit


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