0126 Edamame

Tonight’s dinner was exceptionally simple. I came home early and went straight to bed – my body’s trying to recharge from my blood donation yesterday, which shouldn’t be that difficult but I’m prone to fatigue and low iron levels normally, so this has really wiped me out. When I woke up, Shane was still out, and I wanted something green, so I steamed a packet of edamame from the freezer, tossed it with some salt, and at the whole thing, pod by pod, while reading my book.

There’s something quite satisfying about a meal that requires more time to eat than it takes to prepare – there’s no rushing through it, no matter how many pods you can stuff in your mouth.  I enjoyed the pace of my snack-like meal, popping open each salty pod, then adding it to a careful stack in a small bowl next to me.

0126 Edamame


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