0125 Let’s not talk about it, shall we?

Today was one of those trainwrecks of eating. You know, the days when you have really good intentions, but then you have some candy in a meeting, and then the healthy lunch you packed doesn’t sound interesting come lunchtime and, oh look! a big tray of bagels and pastries and fruit! So instead of the healthy lunch, you have a totally-not-worth-it bagel and later maybe an apple pastry. And then you go to donate blood and are given cookies in the “refreshments” area and you can’t very well say no, because who says no to Oreos, especially when you’ve just been deprived of your blood?  And after that, cooking just sounds totally unappealing, so you just have a salad and some crackers when you get home, which makes you feel somewhat more virtuous but totally doesn’t redeem the day.

Not that this happened to me, of course.  Noooooo.

I was talking to my friend Tina earlier about how I’ve lost a bunch of weight in the last 10 years, and how it grosses me out to think about how I was eating when I was maintaining 20% more E, and then I have a day like today and feel like shit – and we both agreed that we’re thankful that our habits have changed, and that days of overdoing it actually feel like that and not just like another day.  Tomorrow will be better, Who’s Your Bastard event notwithstanding.


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