0121 Dinner borne of desperation

So hungry.  We didn’t have anthing planned because I was going to go to Nia, and Shane needed to work out right away so that he could watch the big Cavs game.  And I was effing starving.  Dinner, then, was whatever was on hand and could be prepared in the shortest amount of time possible.  An egg, fried in bacon fat until the white was just set, then flipped for just a moment.  A pita, toasted then rubbed with a bit of herbed goat cheese.  A handful of spinach tossed on top of the egg, tossed on top of the pita.  The yolk broken open over the pita.  Not quite enough to be a satisfying meal, but enough to make it through the evening with only a cup of hot chocolate later.  Such is the beauty of an eggy meal.

0121 Dinner borne of desperation


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