0119 Fishcakes with broccoli horseradish cole slaw

I had to make certain modifications to this recipe based on strongly held beliefs in our household.  For one, sweet relish is an abomination.  I honestly didn’t realize the stuff existed until I started dating my ex and grossed him out by putting DILL relish in my tuna salad.  He was unaware of the existence of anything but the sweet kind.  Second, Shane has a thing against dill.  Some dill is OK – like in relish – but dill in and of itself is offensive to him.

Those modifications aside, the two of us put dinner together in about 35 minutes, in the process dirtying the last of our plates and every work surface in the kitchen.  The horseradish in the cole slaw was a bit overwhelming on its own, but once paired with the fishcakes (we split the recipe into 7 instead of 4), the bite of the horseradish mellowed and proved to be a nice complement to the crispy, flaky, fried goodness of fish.  When we’d finished and were sitting at the table listening to records, Shane kept poking at the remaining cakes, as if daring one to jump onto his plate.  Fortunately for me, the savory little cakes made their way not into his belly but into our lunch bags, where we’ll enjoy them no less tomorrow than we did tonight.

0119 Fish cakes with broccoli horseradish cole slaw

Fish Cakes with Coleslaw and Horseradish-Dill Sauce from Bon Appetit


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