0105 Hopslam Release Burger

Tonight saw the release of the first Bell’s Hopslam of the year. As anyone who had had beers with me knows, I am definitively NOT a hop fan – but Shane is, and so we met at Ashley’s for dinner tonight.  As usual, we sat at our table for more than ten minutes before getting a server’s attention – which would be fine at a bar with bar service, but at Ashley’s, the only people served at the bar are those seated at the bar.  Oh how we miss the Galaxy Hut, where you could count on staff maintaining the right balance of friendly and surly, where you waited in line for your beer, and where the only service interactions at your table were the delivery of food and the clearing of empties.

Why do we go to Ashley’s anyway?  I struggled to find something passably healthy on the menu, ending up with a burger, no bun, and a salad.  Shane cashed in his Beer Tour appetizer for a tureen of cheddar ale dip accompanied by crispy tortilla chips.  The beer – that’s the only reason we come back.  And oh, is it good.  Even (or especially) the Hopslam with all of its hops.


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