0103 Chicken Goulash

This recipe came from an old issue of Food and Wine, long relegated to the recycling bin. I have yet to determine a good way to keep track of recipes that I’d like to try – in addition to the cabinet full of cookbooks, pages flagged with post-it notes, I have a file folder full of recipes torn out of magazines and cut out of newspapers – and let’s not talk about the number of bookmarks I drool over but never get around to making.  I’m glad this one finally made the cut.

The chicken thighs came from Sparrow Market, where the butcher separated thigh from leg and wrapped it all in paper for me.  Shane boned the chicken, while I diced the vegetables, repeatedly removing Mina from the counter.  Everything came together quickly – the chicken browned beautifully in my workhorse of a skillet, and by the time everything went into the oven, we were both starving.  We skipped the dumplings in favor of a warm loaf of the first all-local bread baked by Zingerman’s (so new that it’s not listed on their website).  A warm, filling, and delicious meal, which paired nicely with a complex, buttery, and fruity Chardonnay.

Chicken Goulash with Biscuit Dumplings from Food & Wine


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