0102 Warm Salad with Butternut Squash

It’s 9 degrees right now. 9 degrees and all I can think about is beautiful vegetables. I bundled up this morning and walked to the farmers’ market, but only found meats, apples, and baked goods, none of which were on the shopping list.

It’s somewhat disingenuous to say that tonight’s dinner came entirely from leftovers, but to some extent it’s true – extra bacon fried for breakfast the other morning and goat cheese we’ve been nibbling away at tossed together with roasted butternut squash and ripped up spinach to make a colorful salad.  We made this salad a few weeks ago – then legitimately out of leftovers – and it was a knock-out, the sort of dish that, when drizzled with an intense reduction of balsamic vinegar given to us by Janet as a late housewarming gift, feels like it should be bad for you – except that it’s packed with good stuff and only a modicum of sin.

0102 Warm Salad with Butternut Squash


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