0101 Leftover Indian

We were both sick in the days leading up to New Years – also our anniversary – so instead of trying to be overly festive, we made a list of things we like to do together and tried to do as many of them as we could in 24-48 hours. For dinner, we got takeout from Madras Masala, a totally serviceable Indian restaurant near campus.  By the time we got home, we were both ravenous, and tucked in to fragrant plates of mattar paneer, savory garlic naan, and crunchier-than-expected paneer kulcha.  While we both enjoy preparing meals, there’s something decadent about takeout on a night when you aren’t rushed, when cooking at home is a realistic option but not the one you’ve chosen.

Tonight Shane is in Ohio and I am solo for dinner, so I warmed up the leftovers in a favorite bowl and ate them while working on a crossword.


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