So sometimes you make plans.  And sometimes you unmake them.  And sometimes someone else unmakes them for you.  This post is about the last of those options.

As you all know by now, Shane and I are moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Shane has accepted the job of Digital Preservation Librarian at the University of Michigan.  We don’t have a moving date or new address set yet (and I don’t have a job!), but we plan to firm up those details in the next two weeks, and to complete our move in late August.

As many of you have already commented, moving to a new state and starting new job(s) will make having a wedding in Virginia a bit difficult.  We had initially planned to go ahead with the previously announced plans – until an ACT OF GOD made us see the light.  Sometimes I’m prone to hyperbole, but this is not one of those times.

The park district office where we had booked our wedding site had a flood the day after I turned in the application and deposit.  The whole building didn’t flood – just part of it.  Which happened to be the part where our paperwork was at the time – not where it should have been, but where it was.  All of our paperwork was lost – the check for the deposit, the application for the reservation – all of it.

With that paperwork gone, our most significant financial investment in the event was eliminated, making it exceptionally practical to cancel.  After confirming that our guests had not been charged for hotel reservations, we decided to go ahead and pull the plug.

So in short: we’re not getting married in October in Virginia.  We are still getting married, but for the time being, we’re setting aside those plans in order to focus on our other major transitions.  We probably won’t start planning until we settle in A2 (as the kids call it), which means it may not be this fall.  We’ll definitely keep you posted, though!


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