Bonnaroo by the numbers

Centerroo at night

Number of days of the festival : 4
Number of days inclusive of travel: 6 (Wednesday 10am through Monday 9pm)
Number of hours spent sitting in traffic on Thursday: 5
Number of miles covered in those hours: 8
Number of people in the car: 4

Number of performers (inclusive of bands, comedians, and other kinds of performers): 150+
Number of performers I saw: 17 (David Byrne, Lucinda Williams, Katzenjammer, Dirty Projectors, Phoenix, King Sunny Ade, The Features, Bruce Springsteen, Heartless Bastards, Of Montreal, Chairlift, Phish, Andrew Bird, Neko Case, A.A. Bondy, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Jessica Lea Mayfield)
Number of performers I listened to but didn’t see: 4 (Bela Fleck, Bon Iver, The Decemberists)
Number of performers I heard from the tent while trying to sleep: 3 (Paul Oakenfold, Nine Inch Nails, MGMT)
Number of performers seen multiple times: 2 (David Byrne (special guest spot with Dirty Projectors) and Katzenjammer)
Number of movies watched: 3.5
Number of visits to the Silent Disco: 2
Number of bears playing video games: 2

Number of times I cried: 4
Number of times crying was related to the weather: 2
Number of times crying was related to not feeling well: 2 (simultaneous with the above)
Number of times crying was related to the music: 2
Number of large spiders spotted near the tent, resulting in screams: 3+

Number of times I showered: 0

Number of pop-tarts: 5
Number of coconut fruit bars from the mini Whole Foods: 4
Number of amazing quesadillas from Bearly Edible: 2 (pesto mozzadilla, feta medadilla)
Number of chicken naanwiches: 2
Number of Fruit & Nut derivatives concocted: 2

One of a kind:
– Guy sitting by the side of the road with a bottle of vodka balanced on his head for 2+ hours
– 5am fight between extremely unhappy camping neighbors
– Very mellow hippie dancing in Shane’s face at Phish
– Camping neighbor stumbling into someone else’s tent and passing out – henceforth referred to as “stoneylocks”
– Girl scorning at me for running the water while washing a stain out of Shane’s shirt

Things that sucked: waiting on the road, the constant pouring rain on Thursday, the spiders omg, not enough sleep because we were sleeping in a tent, too many people smoking pot, not enough sleep because of loud neighbors, missing NIN because I couldn’t stay up, crack in the windshield from something on the road driving home, Shane getting sick on the last day.

Things that were great: fantastic music, David Byrne love, good food, Neko Case love, running into friendos, the weather when it was good, being outside, not showering, non-stop hilarity from Mike and Mark and Shane together.

We’re home safe from Bonnaroo, tired, sunburned, and scratchy-throated.  The good mostly outweighed the bad – but I think this probably was our last year.  We’re just too old (well, not old but definitely too much in favor of being comfortable) and don’t love drugs enough to make it work.  Maybe if we rent an RV we can do it again?


0 thoughts on “Bonnaroo by the numbers

  1. Katzenjammer is great! I saw them last year at Bumbershoot 🙂 I think an RV would be a great idea, but clearly I’m getting too old to enjoy the discomfort of music festivals myself 😉


  2. My fiancee and I went to Bonnaroo this year, as well, but opted to stay at the Jameson Inn in Tullahoma. It worked out well for us as an alternative to camping, being as we’re not quite as hearty as the early twentysomethings. We parked at Bear Creek Winery, walked in to the fest each day, and avoided the day parking lines every time. We’re considering the RV idea for the future, too.


  3. I’ve often thought if I could rent an RV I’d love to do it, so let me know if you guys decide you want to split one.


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