3 Songs

The other day Mike posted a challenge – Henceforth, of all Beatles songs, you can listen to only three. The rest are lost to you. Which three do you save?

My answer?  Dear Prudence, In My Life, and I’m So Tired.  I then passed on the challenge to my friends via Twitter and Facebook, with the following results.  Out of 18 responses, including mine and the responses of 3 people to Mike’s original Tweet, the top songs – with 3 votes each – are: In My Life and A Day in the Life.

Receiving 2 votes each: Dear Prudence, I’m So Tired, Let It Be, Norwegian Wood, Across the Universe, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Strawberry Fields Forever, and Blackbird.

A total of 29 other songs received 1 vote each.

Amongst the 18 respondents, the White Album appears to be most popular, with 9 songs receiving a total of 12 votes.  Sgt Pepper came in second with 4 songs receiving 7 votes total – however Revolver actually had more songs receiving votes – 6 songs with 1 vote each.

The moral of this story is that amongst my friends, the overwhelming majority believe that The Beatles were better after taking drugs (i.e. post-1965).  Take from that what you will.  I don’t make up the facts – I just report them.


0 thoughts on “3 Songs

  1. I couldn’t even respond to this because my brain exploded at the idea of only 3 Beatles songs. I noticed nobody picked Two of Us, which is indeed a “post drugs” song. It might be considered a fluff song, but it just makes me happy.


  2. On my FB, when I asked the same question, people responded with: 1. “Something, while my guitar gently weeps, long long long” 2. “You Never Give Me Your Money”, “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” and “Yesterday” 3. “Rocky Raccoon,” “While my Guitar Gently Weeps,” and “Hey, Jude” 4. “The Long and Winding Road”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “You Never Give Me Your Money”. 5.”Hey Jude”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”

    And I had two “if the Abbey Road medley counted as one song… but I guess it doesn’t” votes.


  3. I am so… proud? that not one of mine got in the top one or two. I like post-drugs Beatles more obviously, but apparently only the songs that were REALLY drug-addled!


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