Kitchen Meme

From The Boastful Baker:

metal or non-stick?
– Depends on what we’re cooking.  The non-stick is in heavy rotation for breakfast items, but the cast iron grill pan does its fair share with the meats and quick dinner items.  We also have this workhorse of a pan that is excellent for stovetop-to-oven items, but I’m not sure its specific make-up.

cast iron or stainless?
– More cast iron than stainless of late.  We’re pretty inspired by all the things Kevin does with his.

cutting board: silicone or wood?
– We have both, and use whatever’s handiest.  Usually silicone for things that are going to be messy, wood for kneading bread and eating cheese.

knife: carbon steel or stainless?
– Wüsthof all the way, though we still have some dingy steak knives that need replacing.

KitchenAid or hand mixer?
– My KitchenAid is such a beast, but I love it.

cooktop: gas, electric, induction?
– Regrettably electric.  I really miss having a gas stove.

side-by-side, freezer on top, fridge on top?
– Freezer on top.  We had to buy a shelf for our freezer because it had no internal organization and was Out Of Control.  I wish I’d taken a picture of it when it was loaded down with the summer’s produce.

apron or whoops?
– I’m a fan of the dish towel over the shoulder approach, but I’ve been trying to wear an apron more.  SB’s good at the apron.

mashed potatoes: by hand, ricer, or mixer?
– When we make mashed potatoes for the holidays in my family, we usually make five pounds at a time.  There’s no way I’m doing all of that by hand.  Why else do I have a KitchenAid?

sandwich or wrap?
– Sandwiches please!

pb & _________ ?
– Celery or apples as a snack, please!

pancakes: syrup or applesauce?
– Syrup if they’re regular, lingonberries if they’re Swedish.

cake: scratch or mix?
– I can’t remember the last time I baked a cake.  It was probably from a mix, but I’d like to make ’em from scratch in the future.

chili: beans or no?
– Either way is fine by me!  As a former veg, it always seems a bit weird when chili doesn’t have beans; however, my favorite recipe doesn’t have any, so do with that what you will.

napkin: cloth or paper?
– Cloth.

BBQ: takes the whole weekend to make or take out?
– Take out.  We’re not Southern enough – or at all – to make true BBQ, and we don’t have a grill, so there’s only the occasional cook out in these parts.

chicken: white or dark?
– I prefer white, but Shane enjoys the dark.  We’ve been eating more chicken thighs lately, but I’m not sure if they’re white or dark.

ice cream: cone or dish?
– Cone if we’re out, dish if we’re home.  I would also like jimmies and a cherry on top.


0 thoughts on “Kitchen Meme

  1. What is a ‘jimmies’ that goes on top of ice cream? Ah, the power of the internet. Sprinkles, of course. That’s a new term for me!


  2. I think I previously said ‘sprinkles’, but I was thinking about the ice cream cone I saw a girl eating in Rehoboth, and it was liberally doused with sprinkles from a bin labeled ‘jimmies’, so that’s that.


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