Notes from my Unconscious

The following things happened in my dreams last night:

  • Jon Hamm was married and had a kid and was at Karin’s birthday party, where he went on and ON about how much he loved Zima.
  • Karin’s birthday party was circus-themed.  She was dressed up as the ringleader, complete with a top hat.  Her entrance was announced by guys doing cartwheels and maybe also some fireworks?  This was in an apartment, mind you.
  • Rachel was there and wasn’t sure why the whole thing was circus-themed.
  • Shane and I and David and Mary Clare and one other person that I can’t remember had to deliver a whole lot of pizzas, some to Rockford, which was 45 minutes away.  I don’t know why.  None of us were generally responsible for pizzas in any capacity.
  • Shane thought the best way to deliver a surprise pizza was by asking the dad (the surprisee) for directions to somewhere, during which time either we would sneak up with the pizza, or maybe this whole part was just Shane confusing the guy about why we were driving through his neighborhood?
  • We picked up the pizzas from the pizza place, then left them in the car for almost an hour before we left to deliver them.  I was as confused by this in the dream as I am now.

Man, what in the world is going on in my head?!


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