Scenes from the Reference Desk

The worst part of tonight: the patron who tried to bully me into making a webpage for him for $300.  Now, it’s not that I don’t want your $300, dude.  It’s that you’re trying to pressure me into doing something that I have no intention of doing just because I’m nice and it’s my job to help people.  I attempted to make it clear that while I would help him find information about web hosting and site design, I would absolutely not make the website for him.  This went on for about five minutes, until I finally said “Look, I’m not going to make your website” and convinced him to make flyers to hang up so that he could hire cheap (aka student) labor.  Just because you’re from Africa and are computer illiterate (both things he told me) doesn’t mean I’m going to be a sucker.

The best part of tonight: a patron IM’d looking for data on social networking site usage amongst Gen Y/millennials.  Not only was I able to immediately help him – I knew which Pew report would provide the exact information he needed.  It also gave me a really good excuse to publish the still incomplete LibGuide I created.  I’m usually able to help patrons to some extent, but it’s really rare that I get a question that I can totally nail while at the same time having the patron be excited about the information I found for them.  Yay!

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