January project: the thesis!

One of my resolutions this year was to complete at least one craft project per month.  I expanded that definition to be one CREATIVE project per month primarily for this month, when I went on a craft hiatus in order to write my first draft, which I turned in about 10 days ago.  I would share pictures and stuff, but it’s really not all that interesting to look at.

February’s project, in addition to THESIS OMG PART TWO, is posting every day.  This will be split between here, Outpost505, and various other less-public outlets.  I tried to do this in November (I think) but failed.  So if there’s anything you’d like to hear about, feel free to give me a blogging prompt.

Also, new project promises notwithstanding, I realized this weekend that I need to give myself permission to be bad at things for a little while until I finish my thesis.  I need to do that, and I need to recognize it’ll be OK.  It’ll be OK because in six weeks, this whole thing will be behind me!  It’s kind of amazing to think about that.


0 thoughts on “January project: the thesis!

  1. Well, I’d love to know how you’ve been working on your thesis while working full time AND commuting. What kind of writing schedule have you been keeping? And why can’t I seem to keep to *any* sort of schedule?! Okay, that’s my own question to answer.

    I hear you on the crafting crisis. I haven’t felt or done anything creative since Christmas 2007. And even then I just slopped somethings together for quickie filler gifts. But I have now successfully unburied my sewing room, so maybe the creative part of my brain will wake up soon. That would be a nice change.


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