I am officially declaring January 11-23 National Thesis Drafting Fortnight.  Between today and next Friday, I need to write the (solid) first draft of my thesis.  I estimate that I should write 5 double spaced or 2 1/2 single spaced or 1250 words per day.  This is roughly consistent with – if not a little under – the average writing days for NaNoWriMo – except, you know, I get a grade at the end.

So guys, please keep me honest here.  I need to get this shit done, and I’m pretty motivated – I’m just having a hard time getting started, and I’m awfully anxious about the end product.  I have fun things planned for my birthday weekend, but I also need to get a whole lot done on this thing so that I can enjoy it (the weekend, not the thesis).

Stay tuned for word count updates and other procrastination devices – and most of all, wish me luck!

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  1. This is something you’re going to edit, rewrite, adjust, blah blah blah, right? If so, don’t worry about an introduction, or any sense of order. Just start writing. Any section. Any where. Get out a complete thought, or seven half thoughts, or whatever you can. The introduction and conclusion are always the hardest to write, but it’s easier if you write the meat first. I’ve found (although I don’t write big thesis papers much) that I understand the topic to introduce it better after I’ve written the core, so just start somewhere. My 2c.

    Good luck! Bourbons at Mike&Mo when you’re done.


  2. You didn’t ask for advice, but . . . 🙂 Something that helped me was rolling out of the bed on the weekends, grabbing coffee (decaf, unfortunately) and not letting myself do anything until I had gotten a chunk of writing done. Sometimes I would try and set a timer and write for as little as 15 minutes when I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!


  3. Good luck – you will do a great job. I did the timer technique as well when writing my thesis – at times it helps to have a limit and just – ready – set – go!


  4. You can do it, E! It’ll be tough (probably) but when not focused on the actual writing focus on the enjoyment and satisfaction of being done; not on the “tough.”


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