Holiday wrap up

It’s already the second week of January, and neither of us have posted about our holiday trip to California.  Embarassing.  Anyway.

Adventure Shane!

This year instead of flying back to the perma-freeze of northern Illinois, we met my family out in Carlsbad, California, where they have a time-share.  They usually visit in January, so we convinced them to just move the trip up a few weeks so that we could all enjoy some time together relaxing and in the sun.  This was an excellent idea, and I’m going to take a moment right now to pat myself on the back for thinking of it.  OK, done.

Ocean Beach

On Christmas Day, Shane and I flew to San Diego, tragically forgetting that, um, NOTHING is open on Christmas Day.  We drove around for nearly an hour trying to find something open so that we could have a (very for us) late lunch, ending up at the Pizza Hut Express next door to our hotel.  Greasy, slightly stale pizza has never, ever tasted so good, I tell you.  We spent two nights at the Sofia Hotel, enjoying the giant blanket cloud and the sun coming in from two directions and having someone else make the bed for us = magical, while spending the days driving around San Diego, exploring various neighborhoods and beaches, and having dinner and drinks at Hamilton’s, which I really, really wish were our neighborhood bar.  I’m getting a little hungry just thinking about it.


My dad and brothers flew in on Saturday, so we had lunch with them in Seaport Village, then headed up the coast to get settled in at Aviara.  The remainder of our trip was full of sleeping in (remarkably, my parents let us share a room!), eating out, and drinking beer with my older younger brother.  We toured the brewery at Stone’s, almost missing the tour because we didn’t get there early enough – I suspect the only reason we were sneaked in was that I looked cute and sad.

Belgian IPA?

We bought a bunch of regional beer and local avocados to bring home, both of which made the return trip a bit more hazardous.  My parents treated me to a massage at the Four Seasons Hotel for my upcoming birthday – a really nice way to end a nice trip. On our last morning there, Mom and I took a walk by the beach and had breakfast just the two of us, which was a rare treat and something that we really should do more often, beaches or no.

Apart from the one hour of hungry desperation when we first arrived, I’d have to say that this was a pretty ideal family vacation – we had a good amount of time to do things on our own, and also a good amount of time with my family. We were tired and ready to go home when we left on the 30th, but also look forward to the next time we can go out to Aviara with the family.


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